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Juan Pablo Meneses
2 min readOct 21, 2020
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It’s official.
This week they announced the winners of the “Expande” program, focused on supporting Chile-based startups seeking global impact. Portable University is one of the projects selected to receive funding.

It’s good news for 3 reasons:

1. Support a project focused on new Latin American(*) narratives, started in 2017 at Stanford University, while I was part of the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship program.
In 2018 the project was selected by Start-Up Chile, the most important accelerator in Latin America. There we developed a solid prototype.
2019 is the successful internationalization of the Portable University project. This starts from a program of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Now in 2020 we will be able to start a global development with the financing of the Expande program.

2. We will continue our mission to discover, connect and promote new narrative talents from Latin America. A crucial target in times of pandemic, quarantine, confinement. 100% online since the beginning of the project (several years before COVID). We are a new way of doing the university, where participants exchange talent LIVE with award-winning writers and journalists. And they can connect directly with audiences across the continent.

A portable trip

3. The expansion of the Portable University will serve to improve our own means of communication. In particular, the Radio Universidad Portátil: a unique experimental university radio in Latin America. A place where the new voices of the continent will be able to experiment mixing journalism, narrative, text, audio and new technology. Always inclusive. No matter what city you are living in.

(*) Important: when we talk about Latin America, we mean (Latin America + Mexico + United States in Spanish + Spain)

If you are interested in knowing more about the Portable University, enter our platform: UPORTATIL.ORG



Juan Pablo Meneses

Founder of the “Universidad Portátil”, a project focused on the new LaTam narratives. JSK Stanford alumnus. MA, Communication and Education. Non-fiction writer.